Amazing Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe To Try

Perfecting Vodka Gummy Bears is all about learning how to balance the flavours of the alcohol, the sugar and the gelatin. The key to a balanced food is to have a good balance of flavours. So if you’re making two foods this is one to consider.

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

This article will show you how to make vodka gummy bears. These gummies are different from the gummy bear cocktail or gummy bear shot. Making gummy bears like this brings a spark of childhood nostalgia to a grown-ups party. They are also great for those who don’t like the taste of vodka but love the fruity sweet flavours of a gummy bear.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Vodka Gummy Bear?

It takes 7-8 hours to make vodka gummy bears. You can alter the time depending on your gummy bears’ alcoholic taste. Having more gummy bears to soak will take longer than just a few.

You could even make a range of different strength vodka gummies. The factor which will affect the time it takes to make them is how many gummies you are making at one time. If you are trying to do a big batch with lots of gummies it will take longer for them to soak up the alcohol. 

What are the Types of Vodka Gummy Bears?

The different types of drunken gummy bears are as follows:

Russian vodka bears 

Some people believe that Russian vodka is healthier than other types of vodka. This could be why people want to make their alcoholic gummies using them. To help counter the sugary impact of the gummies with healthier vodka. 

Grey Goose bears

You must use high-quality Grey Goose vodka to make Grey Goose bears. People enjoy this brand because it has a clean filtered taste, which comes across as fresh and delicious. Making Grey Goose gummy bears are a fancier and luxury version of boozy bears. 

Smirnoff vodka bears

People choose Smirnoff Vodka because it has a classic flavour, as it has a clean aroma and some pleasant undertones of spice and charcoal. This makes for some authentic vodka gummies. Smirnoff vodka bears are likely to be the most popular type to make. 

Absolut flavoured bears

Absolut Vodka, which contains natural ingredients. This makes Absolut flavoured bears a great alternative to other vodka brands if you want something that feels more natural. You could also use organic natural gummies with this vodka to keep all the ingredients as natural as possible. 

What are the Ingredients Needed?

Making gummy bears from your favourite vodka needs a handful of ingredients and is ready to enjoy the very next day. The ingredients you will need are:

  • 200g of gummy bears
  • 150ml of your favourite vodka

How Much Vodka Should You Add to Vodka Gummy Bear?

You should add 150ml of Vodka to 200g of gummy bears. Any more than 150ml would be too much for the gummy bears to absorb. It is better to save extra vodka for gummy bear cocktails. 

What Flavors Can I Use for Vodka Gummies?

The flavours you can use for drunken gummy bears depends on what you want to eat. A popular choice of flavour pare with gummy bears is fruity Vodka. The Absolut Raspberri Vodka would go well with the gummy bear fruit flavourings as it enhances its sweetness and fruitiness. Au Vodka with blue raspberry flavouring is another exciting choice as it adds a nostalgic flavour to the gummies. Watermelon flavoured vodka and cherry vodka is also an interesting option.

How to Make Vodka Gummy Bear?

Making these Vodka bears is so simple and only has a few steps. The steps to making these gummy bears are easy to follow. 

Soak Gummy Bears In Vodka for 7-8 Hours.

Here is how to make the recipe:

  1. First, place your gummy bears into a bowl making sure they are evenly distributed. Try to keep them apart as they may stick together.
  1. Next, pour over 150ml of vodka of your choice until it just covers the gummy bears. Don’t overfill them with vodka, because it won’t absorb the alcohol and you will waste your vodka. 
  2. Next, leave the marinating gummies uncovered for 7-8 hours at room temperature to complete the process.
  1. Finally, check on your gummies. If they have stuck together rinse them slightly with water. Then they are ready to serve. 
  1. Enjoy! 

What are the techniques required for making vodka gummy bears?

There are no special techniques when making vodka gummy bears. This is a super easy recipe to make so would be great for anyone who is of legal drinking age. It is best to be responsible with these gummies as the strength of alcohol could be hidden by the sweet taste of fruit gummies. 

What is Required to Make a Vodka Gummy Bear?

Very little equipment is needed when making vodka gummy bears. The only equipment needed to make drunken gummy bears is a small glass or plastic bowl, and possibly a fridge. Because there is such little equipment needed, this recipe is really easy to make. These gummy candies are swift and simple to make, so they make a great last-minute addition to your party food plan.

What are the Tips for Making Vodka Gummy Bear?

The tip for making alcoholic gummy bears is to use the best quality vodka you can afford because you can taste the difference. Make sure to keep the gummy bears as separate as possible to try and prevent them from sticking together.

Is this recipe easy to make?

Yes, making vodka gummy bears is very simple and easy to do. It requires no previous culinary experience, making it an ideal quick-cooking project to try. If you have always wondered what alcoholic gummies would be like, this recipe is definitely worth a go. 

How Many Vodka Soaked Gummies Should You Eat?

You should only eat 3 of the Vodka gummy bears. They can get you drunk as they are highly alcoholic and it might be tempting to eat more. Consider them the same as having an alcoholic drink, make sure you are eating and drinking enough water. 

What Do Vodka Gummies Taste Like?

Vodka soaked gummy bears taste fruity and alcoholic. They taste like a sweet fruit cocktail with a nice gelatinous texture. It is easy to imagine what they are like, but even better to try them. Make sure to give our recipe a go and tell us what your version tastes like! 

A top tip to make these gummy bears taste even better is to add some to a glass of tonic water or soda water. If you have flavoured tonic you can really benefit from the fruity flavours. This makes your gummies an accessory to a cocktail rather than just a treat. 

Add to a drink for extra flavour.

Is Vodka Gummy Bear Available to Buy?

Yes, you can buy Vodka gummy bears for an estimated price of £20.00. This price excludes shipping and taxes. They might only be flavoured with Vodka rather than infused with Vodka. You can also buy other alcoholic gummy bears from online retailers.

Where to Buy Vodka Gummy Bear

You can buy Vodka gummy bears from many different retailers, but you can make them at home with a few simple ingredients. The process for making a Vodka Gummy Bear is relatively simple, but it can be time-consuming depending on your preference and skill level.

Which Flavors are Compatible With Vodka Gummy Bear?

Some helpful tips for making boozy bears are choosing different flavours of vodka to mix things up. The flavours which are comparable with a Vodka Gummy bear are vanilla, orange, cherry, strawberry, lemon, lime, raspberry, chocolate. If you can find different flavoured vodka like these, they would make great boozy gummies. Absolut Vodka has many different flavours, making them an ideal choice for flavoured Vodka gummies. 

What are the Other Recipes Like Vodka Gummy Bear?

The other recipes like these can be found across the ZenBears website. You could even combine a few recipes together to make a range of great gummy bear goodies for your party.