Amazing White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark Recipe

Looking to take your gummy bear to the next level? Get a new take on our delicious White Chocolate Gummy Bears with the amazing White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark Recipe!

What are the Ingredients of White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark?

The following are the ingredients of white chocolate gummy bear bark:

  • 450 g high-quality white chocolate
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 10 pieces gummy bears
  • Optional: White Chocolate Gummy Bears

How to Make White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark

The following simple steps will help you create white chocolate bark with gummies:

1.Chop the White Chocolate into Small Pieces

First, prepare a baking pan by lining it with parchment paper or baking sheets. Make sure to cover all of the trays with the parchment. Take a piece of chocolate and break it into pieces.

Using a knife, chop the 450 grams of chocolate into smaller components. To expedite the melting process, later on, it is recommended to chop the chocolate into very fine pieces using a blender.

2.Melt Chocolate

Next, melt two-thirds of the chocolate in a double boiler until it is smooth. Use a double boiler in melting the white chocolate for better consistency. You may also chocolate tempering for better consistency by melting two-thirds of the chocolate in a double boiler, then removing it from the heat

The remaining chopped chocolate should be added in small amounts and stirred in with a plastic spatula until smooth and melted. Add the remaining chocolate pieces in three batches while stirring until everything is melted and smooth.

3.Add Vanilla

Add the vanilla extract and mix well.

Make sure that when you add half a teaspoon of vanilla, all of the chocolate pieces have totally melted. This is to fully integrate the taste of vanilla in the mixture.

4.Pour the White Chocolate into Baking Tray

Pour the white chocolate onto the baking sheet that has been prepared. Chop up some gummy bears and add them to the chocolate.

You may coat the baking tray either with 2-5 pcs of parchment paper or a baking sheet. Remember to spray the paper with non-stick cooking spray to prevent unwanted sticking.

5.Dip the Gummy Bears in Chocolate

Rather than sprinkling the gummy bears, place 3 or 4 gummies at a time in the bowl of melted chocolate and coat them well. Rotate the bears from time to time in the mixture with a spoon until they are completely covered. Set the bear on the prepared parchment paper with the help of a spoon.

6.Refrigerate the Gummy Bear Bark

Lastly, to speed things up, you may refrigerate the chocolate bark for at least two hours. Serve by slicing and dicing.

After fully setting all gummy bears, refrigerate the white chocolate gummy bear bark for at least two hours. Increase the freezing time to 24 hours to make the gummy bears stick to the chocolate mixture.

What Tools are Required to chocolate bark?

The tools required to make white chocolate gummy bear bark are the following:

  • Knife/blender, to chop the chocolate into pieces
  • Parchment paper/baking sheet
  • Baking tray
  • Plastic spoon, for mixing

What to Consider while Making This Recipe

When making gummy bear bark, consider chopping down the bears for easier consumption. Before dipping the bears, let the chocolate cool down a little for around 5-10 minutes. The bears will melt if the chocolate is too hot! To coat the bears, but a few in the chocolate and mix. A fork is all you need to scoop out the gummy bears one at a time. Make sure each bear is turned on its side. Once it is tilted off the fork, the bear may be placed on its flat side.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark?

It takes around 30-40 minutes to prepare white chocolate gummy bear bark. The process depends on the quality of the ingredients since some chocolate brands tend to be more difficult to melt than others.

Is It Easy to Make White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark?

Yes. It is easy to make this recipe since the ingredients can be easily found in the supermarket. It can also be made at home using the usual baking tools. No additional cooking skills are needed to complete the entire process.

How Many Servings does this recipe make?

You can make up to 10 servings using ½ kg of white chocolate. You can increase the serving size by adding more chocolates to the mixture.

What does White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark Taste Like?

It tastes like the usual white chocolate but with a kick of fruity sensation from the gummy bear. Although it doesn’t taste like chocolate since it doesn’t include cocoa, white chocolate itself is sweeter and richer because it has a higher percentage of milk solids (14%), milk fat (3.5%), and less sugar or another sweetener (55%) than dark chocolate.

Is Gummie Bark Suitable for Children?

Yes. White chocolate gummy bear bark is suitable for children. The mixture does not contain any intoxicating ingredient and when taken in moderation, will not induce any negative effect on the child’s body.

What Flavors Will Work with White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark?

Flavours such as peppermint and cookies and cream are compatible with white gummies bark. Add crushed pieces of mint candies (3 peppermint candy canes) to the final mixture to feel the mint flavour. Since this recipe is highly compatible with other flavours and ingredients, you may try the “crazy chocolate bark” recipe. Try the following ingredients to the initial recipe:

  • 16 pieces of chocolate graham crackers
  • ½ cup of pretzels
  • ½ cup Oreos or other chocolate sandwich cookies
  • 1 cup Gummy worms
  • Only 1 cup Salted peanuts
  • 1 cup of M&Ms or other chocolate candies
  • Approximately 2 tbsp of rainbow sprinkles.

You can make the gummy bear bark in white chocolate but add these additional ingredients into the crushed form.

What are the Other Recipes like this one?

Other recipes similar to white chocolate gummy bear bark are the following:

What are the Differences between White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark and Gummy Bear Bark?

The difference between white chocolate gummy bear bark and regular gummy bear bark is as follows:

  • Ingredients Needed. It uses heated butter, sugar, and salt with crackers underneath instead of melted chocolate as a base for a regular gummy bear bark.
  • Ingredient Cost. As there are many different ingredients in this recipe it might have a high ingredient cost in comparisson.
  • Preparation Steps: both follow the same procedure of melting the base and freezing the mixture to form the final product. To make the gummy bear bark you will need to follow slightly different steps.

Where to Buy White Chocolate Gummy Bear Barks

To buy white chocolate gummy bear barks in London, visit the following online and physical stores:

If you are located in the USA, you may purchase chocolate gummy bear barks from the following online candy stores:

  • Sunnyland Farms
  • The Velvet Chocolatier
  • Etsy

Do ZenBears make White Chocolate Gummy Bear Bark?

No. ZenBears does not produce white chocolate gummy bear barks. ZenBears only produce CBD-infused and vegan-friendly gummy bears.

Can I Use CBD Gummies for White Chocolate Gummy Bear Barks?

Yes. You can use CBD gummies for white chocolate gummy bear barks. This is highly recommended for individuals who want to take CBD gummy bears in different forms.

There are only 6-7 gummy bears needed in a complete gummies barks recipe since one gummy bear contains about 20 mg of CBD. It is only recommended that you use one CBD gummy in this recipe.