Gummy Bear Martini Recipe

Gummy Bear Martini's are perfect for summer and perfect for hot weather: they're easy to throw together and they're extra-refreshing. Keep them on hand for impromptu summer parties.

Gummy Bear Martini Recipe

What is the Taste of Gummy Bear Martini?

The taste of Gummy Bear Martini is a mixture of peach, raspberry, cranberry and Grenadine.

How Strong is Gummy Bear Martini?

Gummy Bear Martini contains 28% alcohol.

When to Drink a Gummy Bear Martini

You should drink a Gummy Bear Martini during the warm summer months. This cocktail and summer go hand in hand with its fruity flavours and melon-like notes.

Does a Gummy Bear Martini Get You Drunk?

Yes, a gummy bear martini can get you drunk if you have too many or have a low alcohol tolerance. It is best to always drink responsibly.

What are the Ingredients of Gummy Bear Martini?

There are only a few ingredients in a gummy bear martini these ingredients are listed below.

  • 45 ml of Raspberry Vodka
  • 30 ml of Peach Schnapps
  • 30m ml of Cranberry Juice
  • A hint on Grenadine
  • A handful of gummy bears

Which Drink to Use for a Gummy Bear Martini?

The drink you should use for a gummy bear martini is a straight martini it with a little bit of fruit juice.

What are the Steps to Make Gummy Bear Martini?

The steps to make a gummy bear martini are simple.

  1. First, fill a glass with small ice cubes.
  2. Combine raspberry vodka, peachsnapps, cranberry juice and grenadine.
  3. Strain mix into a glass and garnish with a gummy bear skewer.

What Equipments are Needed to Make Gummy Bear Martini?

The equipment that you will need to make a gummy bear martini are a glass (preferably a martini glass) and basic bar tools. These basic bar tools consist of a shaker, measure and strainer.

What are the Tips to Make Gummy Bear Martini?

The tip for making a gummy bear martini is to have a little extra grenadine for colour and to make it extra fruity.

How much should You Drink a Gummy Bear Martini?

You should drink a gummy bear martini as often as once a week! Their unique taste is what makes them enjoyable.

Is There a Store That Sells Gummy Bear Martini?

You can’t buy gummy bear martini’s from a store, you need to make them yourself. Which is all part of the fun.

What are the Other Drinks Similar to Gummy Bear Martin?

The other drinks similar to a gummy bear martini are listed below.

  • A gummy bear milkshake
  • Champagne gummy bears