How to Prepare Gummy Bear Shots: Gummy Bear Shots Recipe

With this article, you will learn how to make the Gummy Bear Shots Recipe. Gummy bear shots are shots of fruity flavoured liqueur and vodka, garnished with a gummy bear. These drinks are perfect for parties, especially at university. The most popular gummy bear shot is the white gummy bear shot. There are other types of gummy bear shots including the green gummy bear shot made with melon liqueur.

Gummy Bear Shot Recipe

What are the Ingredients of Gummy Bear Shots?

The ingredients you will need to make a gummy bear shot are as follows:

  • 30ml of Vodka
  • 30ml of fruity liqueur
  • 10ml of lemon soda or plain soda water
  • Coloured sugar to garnish
  • Gummy bears to garnish

What Drinks Can You Use to Make Gummy Bear Shots?

The drinks you can use to make a gummy bear shot are fruity liqueurs, lemonade or sodas and flavoured vodkas. These different alcoholic drinks are mixed together to make a great sweet fruit beverage. You can make many flavours of gummy bear shots as there are many different flavours of gummy bears. The benefit of making this drink at a party is that it is very customisable for its flavour.

How much alcohol is in a gummy bear shot?

There are 60ml of mixed alcoholic drinks in a gummy bear shot. The amount of alcohol in a single gummy bear shot is roughly 3 units but this will vary depending on the strength of alcohol you choose to use.

What is the Best colour of Gummy Bears for Gummy Bear Shots?

The best colour of alcohol to use in a gummy bear shot is white or green. White gummy bear shots are some of the most popular. Red and green gummy bear shots are also a favourite for their sweet flavour.

How to Make Gummy Bear Shots

The directions for making gummy bear shots will be listed below.

  1. First, using vodka rim he shot glasses with sugar coloured with your choice.
  2. Next, fill a glass with ice cubes and combine the main ingredients (vodka and liqueur). Stire or shake to mix them together fully.
  3. Pour the mixture into the shot glasses prepared in step 1.
  4. Next, top the shots with the soda of your choice.
  5. Garnish the drinks with gummy bears before serving.

What Tools are Required to Make Gummy Bear Shots?

The tools you require to make a gummy bear shot are fairly universal. The tools required are listed here:

  • Shot glasses
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Drinks stirrer

What Kind of Glass do you need for Gummy Bear Shots?

The Kin of glass that you should serve a gummy bear shot in is a large shot glass. The reason you should use a large shot glass is to make sure the gummy bears stay in.

What to Consider while Making Gummy Bear Shots

The thing you should consider when making gummy bear shots are, what flavour you want your shot to be and how much alcohol you want to use. You should also consider how many gummy bears you want to garnish the drinks with.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare Gummy Bear Shots?

The length of time it takes to make a gummy bear shot is 5 minutes. It might take longer if you are making different coloured shots or have trouble putting the sugar on the glass.

Is It Easy to Make Gummy Bear Shots?

It is very easy to make gummy bear shots and hardly takes any skills at all. The most difficult step is coating the glass in sugar. This should be practised beforehand if you are trying to make them quickly.

How Many Servings is a Recipe of Gummy Bear Shots?

The gummy bear shot recipe makes a serving size of 2 gummy bear shots. This serving could be for two people or if you want two for your self then it works for one person.

What does Gummy Bear Shots Taste Like?

The gummy bear shot tastes like a gummy bear. The flavours are very sweet and very fruity like your average gummy bear. The standard gummy bear shot is often made with melon liqueur, meaning the shot will take like a melon.

Which Extra Flavors are Compatible with Gummy Bear Shots?

The other flavours which are compatible with a gummy bear shot are strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, apple and peach. You can flavour the drink with different liqueurs and flavoured vodkas to achieve whatever fruity sweet flavour you want. This is an easy drink to change and customise.

What is the Age Requirements to Consume Gummy Bear Shots?

The age requirements to consume the gummy bear shot are 18 or over. In the Uk, the legal drinking age is 18 years old. You must be over 18 in order to have a gummy bear shot.

What are the Other Recipes like Gummy Bear Shots?

There are many recipes like the gummy bear shots. You can find more gummy drink recipes by ZenBears listed below:

  • White Gummy Bear Shot
  • Champagne Gummy Bears
  • Tequila Gummy Bears

Where to Buy Gummy Bear Shots

You can buy gummy bear shots from your local cocktail bar. Just ask the bartender for a gummy bear shot and they will mix one for you. You can also make them at home following this recipe.

Does ZenBears produce Gummy Bear Shots?

ZenBears do not make or produce gummy bear shots. This is because they are a CBD gummy bear brand. CBD gummies should not be used in a gummy bear shot. While it is not dangerous to mix CBD and alcohol the taste of CBD gummies may not suit this cocktail.

Can I Use ZenBears CBD Gummies for Gummy Bear Shots?

Yes, you could use ZenBears in a gummy bear shot. However, it is not recommended. As ZenBears contain CBD they will have a slightly earthy taste which may not go well with the sweetness of a gummy bear shot.