Ashwagandha Gummies

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What are Ashwagandha Gummies?

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is one of the most important herbs in a natural form of  Indian alternative medicine called Ayurveda. The ashwagandha plant is an evergreen shrub with many medicinal properties, especially from its roots.

Ashwagandha gummies, sometimes called ashwa gummies, are health supplements made with extracts from the roots of the ashwagandha plant. People choose gummies as an easier alternative to ashwagandha powder. Ashwagandha powder can put people off as like many other health supplements, its flavour is rather unpleasant.

Each of our gummies has a convenient dosage of ashwagandha extract mixed with berry flavouring and has been designed to mask its bitter and earthy flavour.

What are ashwagandha’s health benefits?

Ashwagandha has many different health benefits making it a widely popular natural remedy. Ashwa supplements are perfect for people suffering from chronic stress, low sex drive, bad quality sleep, sleep-related issues, or affecting your bodies level of cortisol. Here are some of the top benefits:

Stress Reduction

This herb is known for its ability to reduce stress, lower levels of cortisol and as result is classified as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help your body cope with stress and anxiety, helping to improve your mental health. It appears to control mediators of stress such as cortisol the stress hormone as well as calming anxiety.

Improved Sleep Quality

In this day and age, many people suffer from disturbed sleep and anecdotal report suggest that it can help you achieve restful sleep. Restful sleep will enable you to be better prepared for the day and more emotionally stable.

Anti-inflammatory properties

It helps to reduce inflammatory proteins, it may help those suffering from inflation-based illnesses. However, more study on this is required.

Improved Sex Drive

Ashwagandha may improve your sexual function. This is because it is known to help boost testosterone levels and increase fertility in male adults. The scientific study doesn’t suggest using ashwagandha for erectile dysfunction, but it may increase libido.

Reduce blood sugar levels

Ashwagandha may reduce blood sugar levels. This may provide health benefits for those with significantly reduced blood sugar, haemoglobin, insulin and blood lipids.

What does ashwagandha taste like?

The bitterness and earthiness of ashwagandha make it not very palatable. Many people find that they prefer the taste of capsules or ashwa gummies compared to powder as the taste is too strong.

Taking gummies helps to cover up the earthy taste with a fruity mixed berry flavour. Our gummies are so tasty you can hardly taste the ashwagandha.

What dosage of Ashwagandha: how many should I take in a day?

There is no set daily dose that works for everyone when it comes to ashwa gummies. Many people experience the benefits of ashwagandha differently at different dosages. The level you need will be unique to your body. Taking ashwa gummies makes dosing much easier as you don’t need to measure our powders.

To help you find your dosage, we recommend that you take two gummies a day to start experiencing the benefits. If you want to take more ashwa gummies, we recommend two gummy supplements twice a day.

For example, if you are taking gummies to improve your sleep, try taking ashwagandha at night before you go to bed.

What Are Ashwa Gummies Made Of?

Our ashwagandha gummies are made from fruit-based pectin and ashwagandha root powder. The ingredients are combined during the mixing process with added fruit flavouring to make a delicious ashwa gummy.

Why do we include Natural Ingredients?

We try to keep things natural where possible in our product. This includes natural ashwagandha extracts and fruit-based pectin. Keeping things natural makes them safe for you and the environment. We also like to keep things as simple as possible.

When Is the Best Time to Take Ashwagandha Gummies?

Generally speaking, you can take gummies at any time of day. Determining when to take ashwagandha will largely depend on when you will feel the effects. For example, you may take your gummies in the morning to help reduce daily stress.

You may choose to take your gummies at night. Some people choose to take ashwagandha at night to help promote better sleep. Ashwa gummies are convenient to take at any time of day but to make the most of the health benefits it is best to take them consistently at the same time each day.

How long does ashwagandha take to work?

To fully appreciate the benefits it’s best to give it 3- 4 weeks, to see the effects of ashwagandha on your body. This is why many people decide to include it in their daily supplement routine, in the hopes that it will have a positive impact on their cognitive function.

Safety of Ashwagandha

Usually, people can tolerate ashwagandha pretty well, there are limited side effects especially in low to medium dosages. But, if you were taking excessive or high dosages you may experience stomach upset or liver damage. This is because high dosages can irritate the intestinal mucosa.

Further clinical studies are required to help us determine more side effects. Always speak to a doctor if you are unsure about taking ashwagandha.

When it comes to using herbs and natural remedies during pregnancy, it is always best to first speak to a doctor and see what they recommend. As it is considered a medicinal herb, it is recommended that pregnant women consult a doctor before trying ashwagandha.

How to store Ashwagandha Gummies

Keep your ashwagandha products stored away from direct sunlight and heat. Store them in a cool dry place. This will ensure your gummies are fresh and ready to eat.