Goli Ashwagandha Gummies Review

Goli Nutrition is a company committed to providing innovative products that make taking your daily supplements simple and delicious. The company is known for creating the first apple cider vinegar gummy and they strive to make their health and wellness supplements enjoyable for all customers. All of Goli’s supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of artificial flavourings and colourings.

Goli Gummies Review

They’re popular for producing four types of gummies: apple cider vinegar, ashwagandha, superfruits, and super greens. Goli Ashwagandha Gummies were introduced in January 2021 and are formulated with what Goli considers as “the world’s best ashwagandha”, called KSM 66. In this article, we will give you a review of the Goli Ashwagandha Gummies to help you decide if it’s worth your investment. 

How do Goli Ashwa Gummies Taste?

Goli claims that all their gummies are made with high-quality ingredients combined with revolutionary flavour profiles that all customers can enjoy. All their gummies are claimed to not contain yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, artificial sweeteners, artificial food colourings and flavours, agave, or salicylates. To get the perfect flavour profile of their gummies, they carefully tested a variety of flavour combinations for each of their gummies.

According to a blog by The Gummy Galaxy, the Goli Ashwagandha Gummies taste delicious. The blog mentioned that the gummies have that generalised “berry” flavour, with fruity tartness and a faint aftertaste of pink Lucky Charms milk. One customer on Youtube also claims that the gummies taste like “fruit roll-ups”.

Ashwagandha Dosage How Much Should You Take per Day?

The general dosing of ashwagandha is 1000 mg daily for adults. For ashwagandha gummies, the recommended dose is 1 to 2 gummies, twice daily.

Do Goli Ashwagandha Gummies Work?

Goli UK claims that the KSM-66 ashwagandha root extract that they use to make Goli ashwagandha gummies is the highest concentration of full-spectrum ashwagandha. They also claim that KSM-66 can reduce stress, support sexual function, lower levels of cortisol, improve sleep quality, support strength and endurance, maintain healthy body weight, and improve memory. 

The Goli Ashwa Gummies also contain vitamin D which is known for bone growth, supporting a healthy immune system, and fighting inflammation.

The individual ingredients of Goli’s ashwagandha gummies have undergone research to support their health benefits, but Goli Ashwa Gummies itself has not undergone clinical trials.

 Although they perform routine quality assurance checks during all the stages of their process to ensure that they produce high-quality products, their supplements are not third-party tested.

Is it Worth The Price?

No. This brand of ashwagandha gummies is not worth the price. According to a blog by Life Hacker Guy, Goli Ashwa Gummies are too expensive compared to other brands that also claim to use KSM-66 and are third party tested. 

Their bottles range from $19 – $114 with free shipping, depending on the subscription while some brands only range from $30 – $60 per subscription.

Goli Ashwa Gummies are also currently not available in the UK as the company is US-based. If you want an alternative option that can be bought in the UK, the ZenBears ashwagandha gummies are a great option. They’re a UK-based brand that offers ashwagandha gummies among other products. The products they have are vegan, tasty and they also use natural ashwagandha.

If you prefer taking gummies that also offer great benefits you can try these, as they can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also look into ZenBears CBD Gummies, which are the other product currently offered by ZenBears. The CBD gummies they offer are vegan, broad-spectrum, and THC-free. 

Their products are non-intoxicating and provide a tasty, and easy-use alternative to CBD oil. CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient and will not cause you to feel high. 

The Bottom Line

 Also, Goli Gummies are more expensive than other brands. It would take anywhere from days to weeks before you begin to notice the effects of ashwagandha. With its price, it’s not worth it to buy a bottle for $19 that would not take effect immediately. 

There are a few other food supplements that contain ashwagandha and are competing with Goli UK  are a cheaper alternative. Their ashwagandha products are in capsule form and capsules take effect a little quicker. If you want to get your money’s worth, other brands provide the same or even better benefits for consumers.

You may want to try CBD if you don’t want to take ashwagandha. Although CBD is a relative newcomer to the field, CBD’s track record in studies and tests are more consistent and solid than ashwagandha extracts and offers fewer serious side effects. 

ZenBears UK offers CBD gummies that are third party tested. They provide almost the same benefits as ashwagandha products with no detectable taste of hemp. Herb Reviews UK that ZenBears gummies are the best ones they tried as they taste delicious, just like regular gummies. ZenBears CBD gummies are 100% legal in the UK.