What are the Best CBD Companies in 2022?

CBD is a compound found in cannabis that has many potential medicinal benefits, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in health and wellness today. A CBD company is a speciality business that provides uniquely formulated CBD for consumer needs, making CBD products available online and in stores in a variety of different forms. The different forms of CBD products include CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD chocolate and even CBD bath bombs.

CBD Companies

1. ZenBears

ZenBears is a CBD company that sells CBD gummy bears made from organic hemp oil, with intense fruity flavours and a sugary taste. There CBD gummy bears are made using pectin and are pharmaceutically coated with CBD. The pharmaceutical coating provides ZenBears with the best sublingual effects and a pleasant fruit taste, this makes them unique compared to other CBD gummies. The average price of ZenBears is £31.96. ZenBears was established by Layton and Luke in June 2020, to make ZenBears the best CBD gummy bear in the UK. ZenBears are the best CBD gummy bears because they are designed to be tasty and have the best absorption of CBD into your body possible. The advantages of ZenBears is that they are made using organic hemp oil and that they are pharmaceutically coated with CBD oil. The downside of ZenBears CBD gummy bears is that they are made using sugar which makes them unsuitable for diabetics.

2. Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals is a CBD company that is a driving force toward making CBD a positive and impactful experience for its users. These products are CBD oils, CBD soft gels, CBD topical and CBD gummies. The average price of their products is $59.99. Their products are the best because they have full transparency in their product design and manufacturing. Colorado Botanicals is Narek Sarokhani and he launched his CBD company in 2017. The advantage of Colorado Botanicals is that they have good quality and trusted ingredients to make your CBD experience as chill as possible. The disadvantage of their products is that they don’t have many flavours for their consumable products.

3. Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals prides itself on having the highest standards of social and environmental impact and quality CBD products. The products that Bluebird Botanicals sells are CBD oil, CBD gummies, cooling menthol Cream and softgels. The average price of their products is $29.95. Bluebird Botanicals was founded by Brandon in 2013. Their product is the best because they come from a place of compassion. The advantage of BlueBird Botanicals is that they use cannabinoids as well as terpenes to get the benefits from the entourage effect. The disadvantage of Bluebird Botanicals is that they are expensive.

4. Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is one of the top CBD companies in America which was founded by a group of plant medicine aficionados. They aim to pave the way for CBD products that promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Their featured products are CBD oil, CBD balm, CBD capsules. Nuleaf Naturals was founded in 2014 by a group of individuals who value plants medical properties. These products are best for those who are looking for the entourage effect, and its added therapeutic benefits. The disadvantage is that their variety of products does include THC making it unacceptable to people in many different countries outside of the US.

5. cbdMD

cbdMD is an online CBD brand that offers a selection of products designed to give you all the best benefits of CBD. The products they offer are CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD freeze, CBD soft gels, CBD body butter and CBD oil tincture. The average price of their products is £44.99. cbdMD was founded in 2013. They are the best because their products work, and they have a 60 money-back guarantee. The disadvantage of cbdMD is that their products are specifically targeted at athletes which makes them not as accessible for everyday use.

6. CBDistillery

CBDistillery believes in high-quality CBD which is fairly priced and uses naturally farmed hemp ensuring purity and potency at its best. The products that CBDistillery offers are CBD tinctures, CBD softgels, CBD topical and CBD E-liquid. CBDistillary was founded in 2016 by a group of Colorado natives with the idea to make good quality CBD ore available. These products are the best because they are of the highest quality and have a wide range of suitable CBD product options. The downside of their products is that they have limited flavour options to cover up the taste of CBD

7. Charlotte’s Web

Charlottes Web provides a CBD product to introduce into your everyday routine to bring you the best overall wellness. The products they offer are CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD topicals and even CBD products for dogs. The average price of Charlotte’s Web CBD products is $35.99. Charlotte’s Web botanicals were founded in 2014 by Abacus Health the CBD company soon grew into a business with a mission. The advantage of their products is that they contain only the good, beneficial compounds found naturally in CBD. The downside of their products is that they offer many CBD oils which some people can find an inconvenient option.

8. Populum

Populum offers a clean and premium CBD product that is ethical and honest. Their product options are CBD oils for consumption and skin, as well as oil capsules and CBD oil for pets. The average price of Populum CBD oil is $67.20. Populum was founded in 2016 by Gunghee who grew up in South Korea. The benefit of using Populum is that they offer a range of CBD oils that can be consumed or applied on the skin, making them very pleasant and versatile. The disadvantage of these products is that they do not offer many options which are flavoured.

9. Rya Organics

Rya Organics have created a CBD company that is committed to keeping products plant-based and wellness-focused. The products they offer are a hydrating CBD face mist, CBD Shilajit, CBD infused Antioxidant Serum with oil as well as other CBD products. The average price of Rya Organics products is £88.00. Rya Organics was founded in 2018 by Chervin Jafarieh. The reason their products are beneficial is that they are to be applied on the skin making them a good option for people suffering from inflamed skin and muscular tissues which can be treated with CBD. The downside of their products is that they are not suitable for everyday use.

10. Spruce

Spruce has supplied potent natural CBD products that are designed to empower you to live your life to its fullest. The products that Spruce offers is CBD oils and Creams to help you relax and aid sleep. The average price of their products is $89.00. Spruce was established in 2018 by an American who takes nature seriously. These products are the best because they deliver fast and effective results against pain and other symptoms which can be treated using CBD. The advantage of using Spruce is that they are natural and pesticides free. The disadvantage is that they have very high prices.

Why do Companies Make CBD Products?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant which has various therapeutic benefits. These benefits include pain relief, mood enhancement and relaxation and even offers an anti-inflammatory effect. The reason that companies make CBD products is that they can make high profits. But mainly because they are founded by individuals who are keen to help people and make CBD accessible to people who might not know that it can help them.

What are the CBD Products that Companies Make?

The CBD products that companies can make are varied. The different types of CBD products can be either consumed, applied topically or inhaled. Some of the available CBD product types are listed below.

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD oil
  • CBD bath bombs
  • CBD softgels
  • CBD creams
  • CBD facemasks
  • CBD candles

Are Every Companies’ CBD Products Safe?

No, not all CBD products are safe to use, and this is something to be aware of. CBD is a natural compound, so you want to make sure the company creates a safe product. A safe CBD product will undergo thorough lab tests and be FDA approved. This is a huge factor in a company’s credibility and a highly-reputable company will also disclose which ingredients are in their products and the amounts they are in them.

What are the Usage Methods of CBD?

The usage methods of CBD are as diverse as the products themselves. The different potential modes of consumption for CBD products include the use of CBD tinctures, oils, vapes, capsules, topical patches, and topical ointments. CBD might even be ingested in the form of CBD tea (leaves, flowers, pods, or stems), CBD coffee (beans, grounds, or leaves), or CBD milk.

Yes, CBD is legal to use today. As of November 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for states to pass laws on hemp and cannabis, which includes CBD. For some, CBD does not fall under the definition of hemp. Within the UK CBD is legal to buy, sell, and use. Currently, products such as hemp food and drink, hemp oils, and CBD oils are legal to use and sell. The UK regulations around CBD are pretty tricky so be careful when buying it.