Best CBD Skincare Products in 2022

Skincare products are seeing more and more traction as the demand for CBD-infused skincare solutions. This is due to CBD's vast therapeutic effects. Many people find that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is these properties that can help reduce skin redness and pigmentation as well as reduce acne inflammation.

Best CBD Skin-Care Products

CBD skincare is a fresh and natural way to treat your skin and keep it healthy. You can use CBD for face cream as well as hair shampoo, conditioner, and mask. CBD skincare should have a slight scent of herbal oils, without being too strong. It is better to use the CBD face cream after you have washed your face with water and it is completely clean to prevent any bacteria.

1. Herbivore Botanicals Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil

Herbivoure botanical has produced a skincare product infused with CBD to help provide moisture and glow to the skin. The effect this has on your skin is to safeguard it against harsh environmental damage. The advantage of using Herbivore Botanicals Emerald CBD for skin is that you don’t have to add any cream to your CBD skincare. The CBD and hemp oil emulsion in CBD skincare acts as a moisturizer. CBD as a moisturizer helps to retain moisture. This is especially helpful for skin that has been exposed to the elements and is very useful in the winter. The disadvantage of using this product is that it might be over-moisturizing for people with oily skin. The things you should consider before using this product is that it might be too moisturising for your skin and it could cause oily breakouts. You use this product by applying it freshly washed skin to your face.

2. Beekman 1802 CBD Collection

Beekman has produced a soap and body lotion collection with CBD. The ingredients included in this product are CBD and goats milk which combined is designed to work wonders on your skin. The benefits of using these products are that they are perfect for aching muscles and to help clean body and face skin. As CBD has antioxidant effects it is supposed to be very helpful for your skin in a natural and gentle fashion. The disadvantage of these products is that they are very expensive and might not work as well as other forms of CBD for the same price.

3. Lily CBD

Lily CBD is a producer of numerous CBD products. The CBD skincare products that they offer are CBD aloe vera options and CBD parfum Roller. The advantage of using CBD and aloe vera is that they are both very genal and cooling for the skin and will help reduce redness and inflammation. The disadvantage of the perfume roll-on is that it is unlikely to make a significant improvement to your skin or health. It can be helpful to use CBD topically however it is such a small amount that it is unlikely to make a difference. The roll-on is designed to be used over pressure points and as a massage oil. The advantage of using a CBD perfume is that it has a pleasant and relaxing smell. This form of CBD skincare can be applied to different locations on your body but is not recommended for the soft sensitive skin on your face.

4. Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

Saint Jane is a brand produced by Sephora exec and is a CBD skincare line. The products that they produce are luxury beauty serums made with 500mg of CBD. They also use other ingredients such as skin-loving oils and scents such as frankincense and sandalwood. The advantage of this product is that it feels very relaxing and is great to massage into your face before bed The oils make it perfect for dry skin often caused by the harsh winter weather. The disadvantage of this product is that it might be very oily for people with a combination of oily skin. This could cause irritation and further breakouts.

5. CBD For Life Pure CBD Eye Serum

CBD for life pure has produced a CBD eye serum which can be found in a 15ml bottle. Each bottle contains 60mg of CBD and has a potency of 4mg per ml of product. The advantage of using this product is that it can feel very soothing and gentle on the delate skin around the eye where is designed to be applied. The disadvantage of this product is that the low potency is unlikely to be useful for any form of topical application of CBD. While this might serve as a luxurious CBD product and bring you the skin benefits of CBD for cosmetic reasons the low potency is unlikely to provide additional benefits of CBD. 

6. CBD Daily Soothing Serum

isThe CBD Daily line of skincare products has been produced carefully and designed to solve everyday skin problems. The effect of these products is to provide soothing combinations to all skin types. The ingredients they use are natural essential oil as well as CBD oil which are selected to be compatible. The advantages of using this product are the natural essential oils that provide soothing relief to the skin as well as CBD oil which provides relief for the skin. It is also suitable for all skin types. The disadvantage of using this product is the high price. They claim to provide relief to the skin within a few hours. The only downside to this product is that they only sell it online, which is one of the reasons why the price is high. The only way to find a cheaper price is to buy from third-party vendors.

7. Cannuka CBD Cleansing Body Bar

Cannuka has produced a CBD cleansing body bar. This product is designed to cleanse the skin using shea butter, honey, oats and CBD. The effect of using this body should leave the skin moisturized and fresh. The advantage of using this product is that it is made using broadspectrum CBD oil and will have other cannabinoids present which provides multiply therapeutic effects. The disadvantage of this product is that it is made in the USA which has strict FDA regulations on the manufacture of CBD products. It may not be as reliable as UK sourced products.

8. Josie Maran Skin Dope CBD Argan Oil

Josie Maran Skin argan oil has produced a 100mg CBD argan oil. It is a Non-Psychoactive product enriched with the therapeutic benefits of CBD extract. The benefits of using the Josie Maran Skin Dope CBD argan oil is that it helps to create a connection between the CBD and the body helping you to feel balanced and healthier. The disadvantage of using this product is that the argan oil can be too hydrating and causes breakouts. However, the vitamin E content is especially good for healing damaged and broken skin. It could be useful to try this product if you suffer from acne.

9. Vertly Hemp-CBD Relief Lotion

Vertly Hemp-CBD lotion has been produced to provide relief through a topical CBD lotion. The ingredients used include aloe ver, lavender, peppermint as well as CBD. The advantage of this product is that it contains 200mg of CBD within the lotion bottle and now offers an option for 500mg. This means that CBD can be applied with a deeper effect if needed. This product is designed to soothe aches and pains. The disadvantage of this product is that if you have sensitive skin the essential oils might be too strong and cause irritation. However, this is unlikely, especially as the two main ingredients, CBD and Aloe vera, have natural soothing properties.

10. Kana Skincare Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Kana Skincare has produced a sleeping skin mask infused with CBD and lavender. The advantage of this product is that it is a lightweight alternative to other sleep masks and has an all-purpose formula. This means that the face oil in the maks should be suitable for all skin types and conditions. The disadvantage of this product is that it uses full-spectrum CBD and not CBD isolate. This could be problematic for those who regularly undergo THC drug tests as full-spectrum CBD contains the legal limit for THC content. 

What does CBD Do to Skin?

CBD is well absorbed into the skin and then through into the bloodstream. CBD helps to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin and has natural antioxidant effects which will reduce small skin infections and redness. This makes CBD oil suitable for treatment to reduce acne. Always speak to a medical professional or skin specialist if you are unsure whether you should use CBD.

Are There any Research that Proves the Effects of CBD on Skin?

Yes. The research conducted by Dr Del La Vega suggests that CBD targets a protein called BACH1 in skin cells. The proteins help to regulate the genomic expression of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory genes. It is this genomic expression that makes CBD a new and inventive tool in the CBD skincare world.

Are There any Side Effects of CBD Skincare Products to Skin?

No. There are side effects to using CBD skincare products other than the side effects of CBD generally. CBD’s side effects are the result of consuming the supplement in too large of an amount and not addressing intestinal problems. It can lead to headaches, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, fatigue and dry mouth.

What are the Other CBD Products that have similar effects to CBD Skincare Products?

The other CBD products like skincare are muscle balms and topical creams. These products are typically used to ease muscle pain or joint pain rather than to soothe skin.