Introducing the UK’s most loved CBD Gummies

About ZenBears!

This chill-deficient world has got us all craving a wellbeing boost, so we set out to create a gummy that delivered maximum relaxation for minimum effort. The end result? These tasty little bundles of bear-shaped goodness! 

About ZenBears
ultra potent red gummy

You get more chill for your change with a ZenBear! Instead of infusing our gummies with CBD, we pharmaceutically coat them. As you chomp away, the CBD diffuses under your tongue just like a CBD oil. That means faster delivery, higher absorption, and an overall better CBD experience. 

High Maintenance

ZenBears get the full diva treatment! Each bear is made with hemp grown using organic farming practices, then extracted in an ISO-certified facility using gold-standard processing methods. It’s a lot of extra work, but our high-maintenance bears demand the best!

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Just like you, we’re 100% committed to making a positive impact on our environment. ZenBears are entirely vegan, made using sustainable, organic farming practices, and packaged in recyclable glass jars. So after a hard day of saving the planet, pop a ZenBear, put your feet up, and let us take over!

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It’s hard to chill if you’re worrying about additives and other nasties, so we only use all-natural ingredients to make ZenBears. And because ZenBears are certified THC-free (check the lab report!), you can relax knowing that you are too!